I'm Ricardo,
a Web Developer

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Dont worry, your code is safe. I know version control with GitHub.
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I know some pretty cool libraries too. Like BootStrap, it helps me code a bit faster!
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Hey check it out I also know some Python, and currently playing with it's many libraries.
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Oh yes, I also know some React. It really helps with creating interactive UIs.
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Did you need something built with Wordpress? I can help with that too!
Ricardo Soria

Hello, I'm Ricardo some people call me "Rick". From the moment I produced “Hello World” in the console of my first application, I knew I was hooked on the the world of software development. it’s offered an engaging challenge to continually learn and improve my skills in creating high-quality software and web pages. What started with a simple “Hello World” has become a full-fledged passion that only get more exciting as the years go by.


Check out some of the websites i've worked on.

converse industrial equipment
This website showcases heavy machinery, with contact form and SEO implementation. Wordpress

CIE Lifts

PHP Wordpress YoastSeo

Image of Fernandogamino.com
This website was created for a local San Antonio resident wanting a place for all social media.

Fernando Gamino

HTML CSS Javascript

Chef Evan website image
This Website showcases diffrent recipies and food from Chef Mike.

Chef Mike

HTML CSS Javascript

This website showcases many guns and knives, and continues to grow. Website set up with contact form and SEO implementation.


PHP Wordpress YoastSeo

Artist website image
This is a website for an artist to share thier work.

Artist Website

HTML CSS Javascript

Casa Del Pastel Image
This website was created for a small business in mexico that delivers cases withing 24 hours in Monterey. Full site coming soon. E-commerce shop. Case2go.MX


HTML CSS Javascript


Check out some of the projects i've worked on.

diceroll app
This is a dice roll web app, it’s a dice roll on the go. The project uses Javascript to process the random output, with some HTML and CSS to help give the app some pop.

Dice Roll Web App

HTML CSS Javascript

drumset web app
This is an awesome drum set, press the buttons on the screen to play the instrument.

DrumSet Web App

HTML CSS Javascript

The web app adds items and deletes them with a click of a button. New to do list can be created by adding a “/” and a name of your choice(this will be the list name.)

To Do List

HTML CSS Javascript MongoDB

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CIE mid page

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ChefBio page
EAguns front page
CIE training page
case2go front page
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